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Types of cookies

  • Functional cookies Functional cookies allow the website to function properly. They are placed by default and not deleted if you do not accept the cookies.
  • Analytical cookies
    Reinier van Arkel uses Google Analytics, which gives us insight into, among other things, visitor flows and the use of the website. In Google Analytics, the options under 'Share data' are turned off so that Google is not allowed to share the collected information with third parties.
  • Marketing cookies
    This website also contains third party cookies. For example, when showing videos and podcasts that are stored with someone else (YouTube or Spotify). They apply their own conditions regarding the placement and reading of cookies. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you cannot view the videos within the website.

The Reinier van Arkel website actively asks the user for permission to place marketing cookies. The website also works without these cookies, but with cookies it becomes more user-friendly.