About MomS

The project ‘MomS - Mothers With Child Born of Sexual Violence’ was carried out by researchers and clinical psychologists within Reinier van Arkel Psychotraumacentrum Zuid Nederland in collaboration with the Behavioural Science Institute of Radboud University Nijmegen. The principal investigator of this project is Elisa van Ee. The project team also consists of Adriana Jasperse, Julia Bala, Yvonne Montfoort and Eline Meuleman.

Who are we?

Elisa van Ee is professor by special appointment of ‘Developmental Psychotraumatology’ at Radboud University and also clinical psychologist and scientific head of the ‘Trauma and Recovery’ line of research at the Reinier van Arkel Psychotraumacentrum Zuid Nederland.

Adriana Jasperse worked as a social psychiatric nurse and system therapist at ARQ, Nationaal Psychotrauma Centrum. She is currently working for the Reinier van Arkel Psychotraumacentrum Zuid Nederland, within the MomS project.

Julia Bala worked as a clinical psychologist, child and youth psychologist and psychotherapist at ARQ Nationaal Psychotrauma Centrum. As psychologist, independent consultant, she is affiliated with the Reiner van Arkel Psychotraumacentrum Zuid Nederland within the MomS project.

Yvonne Montfoort works as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, care programme manager at the Psychotraumacentrum Zuid Nederland and as a teacher at Reinier van Arkel.

Eline Meuleman is a junior researcher at the Reinier van Arkel Psychotraumacentrum Zuid Nederland. She is currently taking the research master programme ‘Behavioural Science’ at Radboud University, after completing both the Bachelor's programmes in Psychology and Public Administration.

MomS Project

The project falls within the ‘Trauma and Recovery’ line of research and focuses on developing and strengthening preventive care for mothers with a child born of sexual violence. The aim of this project is to prevent mother-child relationship problems and to guide people to appropriate care more quickly in the event of serious problems.

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We would like to thank the following people for their personal contribution to this project:

Anke Meijer, illustrator ‘the fairy tale of the stone and the flower’

Irma Hein, child and youth psychiatrist and researcher

Lieve van Stigt, actress

Stephen Gyllenhaal and Kathleen Mann Gyllenhaal, In Utero Watch the full documentary on https://www.inuterofilm.com/instant_access_home and can be seen with a 30% discount when using the code INUTERO20

Marleen Noordergraaf, actress and voice-over

Victor Kouratovsky, clinical psychologist and child and youth psychologist Specialist NIP

Wilco van Beek, outpatient specialist counsellor

The mothers and experts who contributed to this project

This project was made possible thanks to a financial contribution from Stichting Achmea Slachtoffer en Samenleving (SASS), Radboud Centrum Sociale Wetenschappen and Stichting Reinier van Arkel.

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