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Are there other forms of support?

The care described on this page is valid for the Dutch situation.  Contact us, moms@reiniervanarkel.nl,  if you have information that will help us map this out for other countries?

Getting help

On the page 'when and where do I go for help?’ you can read where to turn for help for you and your child. You may also have other questions, such as: Can I report it to the police? Am I entitled to financial support? Can I talk to other mums? Are there apps for relaxation exercises? This page contains answers to these questions.

Safety first

What do you do when you find out you're pregnant, but the sexual abuse is still going on? You and your unborn child will not be safe, and it is important that you are. If the sexual abuse happens in the home situation, please contact the Blijfgroep. The Blijfgroep is committed to helping victims of domestic violence. Sexual violence in the home situation is a form of domestic violence.

Go to blijfgroep.nl 


If you're not at home but are being held somewhere against your will, please contact Comensha. Comensha is a national organisation committed to stopping human exploitation. This organisation can put you in touch with safe care, (legal) guidance and support.

Go to coemsha.nl 

Reporting the matter to the police

Sexual violence is a criminal offence. You can report this to the police. This can be a tough decision. Maybe you know the perpetrator, or you're embarrassed. Remember, what happened to you should never have happened, and the perpetrator could be punished for it. You yourself are not punishable in the Netherlands for this! You can report it to the police up to 15 years after the event. If the perpetrator was a minor, this will be shorter. If you were a minor, you can file a report up to 15 years after you turned 18.

If you decide to file a report, you must make an appointment with the police. You can ask to be assisted by a female police officer, if you like. Call 0900-8844 and ask for a vice squad near you. The police have made a video about how they can help you and what happens when you report it.

Watch this video 

Financial assistance

If you have experienced something traumatising like rape or sexual assault, this may cause so many problems that you can no longer work or you may even lose your job. Or you may have to pay high fees for therapy. Money problems can make it difficult to recover from traumatising events. As a victim of sexual violence, in some cases you may be entitled to money, for therapy or in case of loss of income.

Material support

When you're expecting a baby, you need a lot of items. You may not have enough money to buy what you need. The organisation Stichting Babyspullen can help with a starter kit. This starter kit must be requested by an affiliated support organisation, obstetrician or maternity care organisation.

Go to Stichting Babyspullen

It is important to register your child with the Council within three days of birth. This can be done by someone who was present at the delivery, or an employee of the hospital where your baby was delivered.

For details, see the Dutch government's web page

If you are in the Netherlands illegally, your child still has rights. One organisation that knows a lot about this and can help you is Defence for Children.

Go to Defence for Children

Online self-help

Do you often feel angry or tense? Do you want to practice relaxation techniques or receive tips for healthy eating? Below are several apps you can download on your phone, tablet or computer.